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Japanese composer (1958-87)
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INVITATION for pianists

If you would like to contribute your own performance of Hiroaki's earlier piece Scherzo, please download the score here and email your recording to info@ezakoji.com

Any contributions are highly appreciated and will be mentioned on the page


 If you are interested in Hiroaki’s works…

Please contact the
Documentation Centre for Modern Japanese Music

Where all his scores and some music tapes are preserved. 

Now located at
Meiji Gakuin University Library.
This will be open to the public in Spring 2011


This is the cover and Table of Contents of a collection of Hiroaki's material,
published by the Documentation Centre for Modern Japanese Music
It contains handwritten and printed scores, music tapes, programmes,
manuscripts and others.

The following CDs are available
(No commercial use!)




Piano Piece I, Op.28
Piano Piece II, Op30
Piano Piece III, Op36
Prelude for Strings, Op.20
Composition V, Op.26
Ame-No-Uzume, Op.4
Chamber Cello Concerto, Op.29
plus Live Perfomances
Piano Trio, Op.23
Mono-Morphology II, Op.27
Continuum, Op.18
Morphology for two pianos, Op.38
and more...
Live Performances
Live Performances:
Morphology for two pianos, Op.38
From Mozart to Piano Piece III
(Rondo in D for piano KV485)
and others
Casual Performance:
Gershwin Piano Prelude No 1-3

1. Prelude for Strings (Op.20) 5:44
2. Variations for Solo Cello (Op.16) 8:28
3. From the Abyss of Death (Op.19) 11:40
4. Mono-Morphology III (Op.33) 6:20
5. Suite for Traditional Instruments (Op.34) 9:41

plus Live Perfomances

1. Scherzo (1973 - Age 15) 4:16
2. Andante 1 (1974 - Age 16) 1:42
3. Movement (1974 - Age 16) 2:56
4. Adagio (1976 - Age 18) 4:13
5. "Scherzo" Radio Broadcast 4:14
Radio Fermo Uno,
27 February 2008

Recording of works
Computerised by
Llibert López Pascual January 2008





You can contact Mrs Zakoji on